Friday, May 6, 2011

Nervous times for rulers as Singapore considers change

The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 May 2011
Today, 2.3 million Singaporeans will head to the polls for the 11th general election since independence in 1965. Unlike days past, the outcome of this election is shrouded in uncertainty.
The electoral threats to the ruling People's Action Party are embodied in voters' perceptions and grievances - including rising prices, hubris of the ruling party, million-dollar ministerial salaries, overpopulation and better treatment for foreigners - and credible opposition challenges. The opposition has capitalised on such sentiments and framed them as election issues to woo undecided voters. The ostensible calm hanging over the city state is perhaps a mask. There will be no illegal public forums and gatherings beyond designated venues. Street protests exist only on television screens. Full story

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